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Travel & Tour - Car/ Van/ Bus Rentals
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Terms and Conditions


Our Terms & Conditions

Before you rent a car from us, please carefully read through our terms and conditions below.


1. Self-drive Rates

The rates are based on a minimum of 24 hours, should the rental incur excess ho
urs at the time of return, the charges will be 1/5 of the Contract Rates.

2. Car Delivery & Collection Services

Car delivery and collection services will be charged from RM 30.00 onwards, depending on the distance and accessibility of destination from main office.

3. Prohibited Odours

Smoking is strictly forbidden in our vehicles.
All items, goods and food that discharge unpleasant odours (e.g. durians, salted fish and etc.) are strictly forbidden in the vehicle. The renter will be liable to reimburse the cost of eliminating such odours, including the servicing of air conditioner system and our lodd of not being able to torent the car for a few days.

4. Insurance

The rental rates shown include full indemnity for accidental damage to third party property. However, in line with the commercial insurance practice, the renter is always responsible for an amount equivalent to the excess clause as follows:

   Car Group Excess Clause
         A  RM 2,500.00
         B  RM 4,500.00

Renter is reminded that underbody, overhead damage is at the renter’s risk at all time and all insurance is void if vehicles are driven on unsealed or unmade roads or surfaces. Missing of vehicle accessories are not covered. All rentals are subjected to the full terms & conditions set out in the Rental Agreement.

5. Damages

The renter shall be liable for all damages caused to the vehicle, including theft, regardless of fault. Upon the renter’s acceptance, the renter will be subjected to the terms and conditions stipulated in the Rental Agreement.

6. Terms of Payment

Only cash payment is allowed upon pickup of the vehicle.

7. Driver’s License

We recognise Malaysian driving licenses. Overseas tourists may use current licenses issued by their country of residence.

8. Extension of Rental

Any extension of rental beyond the agreed return date and time must be informed in advanced with the required additional rental paid.

9. Rent-it Here, Leave-it There

One-way rental service is available for renter’s conveniece. However, a minimum of 4 days rental and repositioning fee is applicable. Details will be available at the time of enquiry.

10. Restricted Entry

All our cars are strictly prohibited from being driven into Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

11. Parking Charges & Traffic Offence

All traffic, parking offences, court costs and other expenses that may assessed against us which are due by the reason of renter’s possession or use of our vehicle, will be fully borne by the renter. We will contact the renter where possible if he/she receives parking or traffic summons pertaining to the period under rental. Otherwise, renter’s particulars will be submitted to the authority concerned.

12. Refund of Unused Services

No refunds, either in part or in full, will be made for unused services.

13. Navigation System (GPS)

Renter can add-on Navigation System (GPS) devices to all car rentals. Daily rental is priced at RM 20.00, monthly rental at RM 150.00 while a flat rate of RM 100.00 is applied to lease rentals. For transient rentals, a maximum of RM 200.00 will be charged. In the event of theft or damage to the GPS device, the renter will be subjected to an excess fee up to a maximum of RM 1,000.00. Purchase of GPS is available upon vehicle collection but it will be subjected to availability.

14. Vehicle Condition

Upon return, the car has to be in the same condition as when it was rented. Failing which, the renter will be liable for the cost of restoring the vehicle to its original condition.

15. Surcharge

A sum of RM 50.00 will be levied for services rendered, after business hours (Business Hour: 10am-10pm), inclusive of Sunday and Public Holiday

15. Refund Policy

Deposits will not be refundable if cancelled booking between 7 days of booked date. However cancellation before 1 week will be entitled to a 50% refund from the paid deposit amount.

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